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Community solar for the community from the community.

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And by choosing us to supply your electric, you will not only receive monthly savings, but we also donate $50 to charity for every account that completes their sign up.

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What is Community SOLAR and Who Can Use It?

Community Solar allows for anyone (INCLUDING RENTERS) to be able to make a conscious choice about where they choose to get their electricity from... their current utility company, or a local solar farm and get an 5% discount off their monthly electric bill

Why You Should Use Conscious Community Solar:

How Community Solar Billing Works:

Conscious Community Solar

How Community Solar Works

Currently you get your electricity from your local utility company and their power plants they use to generate and store that energy.

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Phone: 720-235-8302

Want to bring Conscious community solar to your community ?

When you become a Community Solar customer of ours, you will receive a $100 amazon gift card via email for anyone you refer over who joins community solar. Our model is to invite our community to be advocates for community solar, as a no-cost, no-risk, pure benefit to offer to their communities.
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