Be a Community Solar Advocate

Conscious Community Solar Advocate

We want community solar brought to as many as possible, in order to do that we need an army of advocates who are able to quickly explain, and in 5 minutes sign up anyone who qualifies.
For every community solar account an advocate signs up they get a $100 commission (smaller commissions for under 3,000kWh of yearly usage) that gets paid out the following week of their completed registration.

That’s it. Want to make an extra $1,000 in a week? Go help 10 people save 10% off their bill for no cost, no risk, and no downside. With bonuses for yearly milestones reached.

There are also opportunities for building your own CCS Advocate Team as well in states across the country. 

Advocate Performance Company Provided Bonuses

100 accounts - $250 amazon gift card
500 accounts - choice of phone, tablet, or laptop
1,000 accounts - Flight, hotel, transportation for our 1-week community island retreat

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